International Education Exchange Cloud Platform
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    Ming-Dao has been focusing on International Education for the past few years. Our International Education is based on the following principles: gaining global perspective, applying multiple intelligences, and understanding cultural values.

    In order to help students build their global perspective,
Ming-Dao has planned a series of International Education Exchange activities. Every year, our students have been participating in all kinds of international events, volunteer work, and student exchange activities. Ming-Dao has established friendship with schools over the world such as the ones in United States, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and United Kingdom. Besides, more than a hundred students also join all kinds of volunteer work in Kenya, Malaysia, and Northern Thailand. Moreover, many students attend various international events and forums like World Scout Jamboree, HOBY, ENO, YMUN, HMUN, GYLC, and GYCi.

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    We regard International Education Exchange as a way of assisting students in understanding their roles in the world, being able to communicate with people from various countries, and respecting cultural differences. By attending international events, volunteer work, and student exchange activities, students will become more responsible and cooperative.

    Rather than sit in the classroom, Ming-Dao's students would walk out to see the world where much unwritten knowledge lies. International Education Exchange programs surely enable students in Ming-Dao to actually experience the world around us.

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